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Walker Williams: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Birthdate: August 28

Walker is a longtime Denver, Colorado resident and leader of The Walker Williams Band. Born in Japan, Walker has traveled the world as a youngster, the son of an Air Force family. Walker's background also includes some extensive work in music theatre and acting in Los Angeles. But the love of music, brought him back to Colorado where he formed The Walker Williams Band. Walker's vocals and guitar front the group, and his antics entertain the crowd. Walker also is an accomplished songwriter. Off the stage, you'll find him on the links, relaxing with a game of golf or spending time with his wife and two sons. Walker is a big local sports fan, rooting for the Broncos, Av's and Rockies and also pitches on his summer softball team.

Tim Buckman: Lead Guitar, Vocals

Birthdate: December 15

Tim has been playing guitar for 21 years and has degrees from Musician's Insitute and Western KY Univ. He also has a Master's degree in Music Composition and technology from the University of Colorado at Boulder where he is currently completing his Doctorate of Musical Arts. Tim is an active songwriter and also composes music for film, TV and the concert hall. His compositions and songs have won awards from BMI, Music Teacher's National Association, Florida International University and the University of Colorado. In his spare time he enjoys baseball and horror movies.

Matt McClintock: Lead Guitar, Vocals

Birthdate: April 22

Some of you may remember, Matt played drums for Walker back in the early 2000"s. Now that he is an actual musician, he has returned to play bass and sing. Matt has been performing for the past 35 yrs. A true pro, his vocals add just the right touch wether it be harmonies, lead or screamin out the Rock stuff. Matt is glad to be back!

Eric Garcia: Drums

Birthdate: February 16

Eric Garcia has been playing drums for over twenty-five years, and at the professional level for the past fourteen years. His background is in multiple styles, including Jazz, Blues, Country, Latin, Funk and Rock, but he prefers to hold down the groove for singer/songwriter's with a great song, because for Garcia, itís ALL about the song. What separates Garcia from his peers is the ability to interpret a song from beginning to end, usually upon hearing it just one time. His great natural feel allows him to help build songs dynamically and bring them to life. "I grew up with the innate need to drum on anything and everything. I canít stand still, always buzzing at the feet and fingertips. Followed the education side of things with two years of Music Performance at Texas Tech University, but moved on when I couldnít shake the need to play more drum kit. Keeping the dream alive joining this band and that band, recording this album and that album I found myself living on the road and affiliating myself with the TX, NM and CO music scenes. I have a diverse collection of recordings, tours and performances under my belt. The most recent being Drums & Percussion behind country act Walker Williams. Dream it, think it, believe it, live it. Have fun with it! Life is in the journey."